Cleo the cat survives balcony jump off 17th floor apartment

Joel Isfeld turned his back for just a second but it was enough time for his beloved feline Cleo to take a leap off the balcony in his 17th floor apartment.

Cleo, an eight-month-old savanna, snuck on to the balcony when Isfeld, who lives in New Westminster, B.C., left the door open.

In a matter of seconds, Cleo was on the railing and jumped off. He told the local paper, the New Westminster Record that he couldn’t believe what had happened.

It was very traumatic…I was frantically searching and looking below to see if the cat was splattered all over the bottom.”

He searched all over for his cat, looking at the train line platform below and the overhang in case she had landed or fallen there. The apartment manager let him search floor by floor but no one had spotted Cleo.

On Facebook, Isfeld posted a pleas for help:

Last night my kitty Cleo jumped off my 17th story balcony. She wasn’t found below, and we speculate that she somehow managed to recover the fall and get onto the building ledge. She is missing now and I’m very upset  the search goes on!

He considered calling in a pet search group which uses bloodhounds to look for missing pets.

Finally two days later, Cleo was located. Isfeld posted this update:

CLEO IS HOME SAFE! She was found hiding in the terrace garden area of our building. Thank you to everyone for the help and kind words I have the best friends ever

Besides from a small cut on her forehead and being a bit traumatized, Isfeld said Cleo is other fine.

h/t: Royal City Record

Photo credit: Facebook

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