Colorado firefighters save deer from icy lake

It was around 7:30 in the morning when a woman called 911 in Colorado about a deer trapped in the ice.

Evergreen Fire Rescue rushed to Evergreen Lake to see if they could help save the helpless animal back on April 13. And trust us, only professionals should attempt this type of animal water rescue.

“EFR suited up and helped this little guy get back to shore,” officials said.

A deer was trapped in a icy Colorado lake. Evergreen Fire Rescue/Twitter

And it’s a very good lesson for us all as the spring thaw is underway.

“Please be very careful around creeks, ponds and lakes as the ice is thin!” fire rescue added.

This is one very lucky deer. Evergreen Fire Rescue/Twitter

Firefighters broke the ice, slid out onto it and then helped push, pull and lift the deer to shore as onlookers cheered them along.

A wildlife department officer also was on scene to observe.

“The DOW Officer was very optimistic with the deer’s outcome especially since he scampered away!” firefighters said in a Facebook update.

Photos Evergreen Fire Rescue/Twitter

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