Comedy Wildlife photo competition highlights lighter side of animal photography

The much-loved Comedy Wildlife photo competition has captured some hilarious entrants over the year and so far, the entrants this year have included salsa-dancing kangaroos, a fish in the mouth of a bird and an uneven standoff between a prairie dog and a bald eagle.

Last year’s winner was a bird flipping turtle, as in a turtle appeared to be giving the photographer the middle finger.

One of the entrants so far is “Bald Eagle Gets a Surprise” by Arthur Trevino, taken in Hygiene, Colorado.

Now in its seventh year, the competition highlights the lighter side of wildlife photography. Thousands of entries have been received from around the world. Entries will be accepted until June 30. Some of the entrants so far can be found here:

Winners receive a metal trophy and a week-long safari in Kenya.

There’s even more reason this year to check out Comedy Wildlife. The organization has a new conservation strategy where they’re donating some of the proceeds to a program helping to protect the orang-utan. Comedy Wildlife is urging its supporters to go make a donation at 


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