Concerns about pitbulls raised again after man killed in Indiana by his pet dog

Here in British Columbia, there’s been lots of talk recently about whether pit bulls should be a banned breed.

There were two separate incidents over the holidays. In the first one, a newborn three-week-old baby from Saanich on Vancouver Island was mauled after the family’s 17-year-old pit bull-Rottweiler cross attacked her.

That dog was Tasered and destroyed.

In another case, a man, Tom Kuppers, was attacked outside a dollar store in Langley, B.C., a Vancouver suburb. In that incident, the two dogs were apparently tied up.

The owner of the two pit bulls left the store before authorities arrived. Kuppers said the two dogs, tied to a mountain bike, dragged the bike with them as they lunged at him. He threw a bag at them and had to get over a dozen stitches on his arms.

In the case of the infant, she suffered non-life-threatening injuries to her face and it’s likely she may later require plastic surgery.

But the most serious case of all involved a fatality in the U.S.

An Indiana man and father of four was attacked and killed in his own home on Christmas Day by one of his two pit bulls.

Edward Cahill, 40, was found suffering from multiple bite marks to his face and arms and it’s believed he bled to death on his living room floor. He was found by his wife Blanca Rodriguez who said that the family’s eight-year-old dog Fat Boy was tasered and then destroyed after the grisly discovery.

Fat Boy, according to Rodriguez ,was extremely aggressive and unpredictable especially when he had a bone.

But she defended the breed saying one of the pit bulls slept with the couple’s girls and the other slept with her and huer husband.

She believes something “just went wrong” and said it was likely “just a freak accident.”

Here below are some facts about pit bulls from a National Geographic about misunderstood facts about the breed.



h/t: Vancouver Sun, Global TV 

Photo credit: RSPCA


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