Controversy over old lion kill stalks “hardcore huntress” Melissa Bachman

A-year-old tweet by comedian Ricky Gervais is getting a second life on social media after an animal welfare group has declared his slam of hunter Melissa Bachman’s penchant big game as “put down of the year.”

Within a few hours, Protect All Wildlife’s missive was retweeted and shared more than a thousand times, including a retweet by Gervias, a well-known crusader for the welfare of all sorts of animals.

Melissa Bachman sparked worldwide outrage – and attracted some defenders – last year after she posted some photos online of her conquests in Africa, include a dead male lion. “Incredible day in South Africa,” she Tweeted after visiting the the Maroi Conservancy, adding: “Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion – what a hunt!”

The photos, which were uploaded to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, were quickly deleted, but they will of course remain captured on screens – and memories – for some time to come.

It goes to show the power of social media, and perhaps, demonstrate the shortness of memories. But it also affords this opportunity to share a clever animated video by Steve Cutts, which eviscerates Bachman. It’s titled “What a hunt!” and has been viewed more than 255,000 times on YouTube.

Photo Melissa Bachman/Twitter

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