Deer with bag stuck on head rescued by lasso-ing teen

A deer had the misfortune to get its head stuck in a bag last week.

But the deer had the good fortune of it happening in a community where a teenager happened to be pretty good at lassoing deers.

Deer was first spotted around 5:30 pm Saturday and residents tried to call in the authorities to help but didn’t get a response.

So the residents rallied together Sunday morning. Lorraine Dick said in an interview with the Nelson Daily that it appeared the deer was panicking.

“It was on tight like a bathing cap…She was showing signs of distress.

Using Facebook, Dick got volunteers together around 6 am and they began looking for the deer.

Mike Skrotzki got word to the group that the deer was around the 6500 block on Como Street and the group gathered, managing to corner her in a V-shaped area with plenty of obstacles around to help keep her contained.

Colette Orr came out with her children and managed to pinch the bags several time with a pair of grabbers, the kind used to pluck things off of high shelves.

“The plastic bag was so tight…She got so close to the agitated deer. She grabbed twice and couldn’t pull it off. That’s when we knew we had to escalate (our plans).”

Orr’s 14-year-old son Aezia (Ez) stepped up to the plate and lassoed the deer. They managed to hold her still long enough to get close and get the bag off.

“He was so quick…I wished someone had taken a video but we were too busy taking care of the deer and each other.”

Once the deer was free, Dave Atchinson helped Ez take the lasso off the deer, which proved to be another feat.

Once she was free, the group made a path and let her go. She took off.

“We parted ways so that she could run free. Her nose was wet,” said Dick, adding that must be because of the humidity inside the plastic bag and salivating.

While the event was stressful for the deer, Dick said that in the end it was a great show of community spirit.

“It was fun. It was fun, because we had a good outcome.

Natasha Verigin who joined the group to help free the deer said everyone pitched in.

“We just wanted to help, and we all did a group thing to make it happen! Very proud of this community!”

Dick said that there had been some naysayers in the community either on social media or in person.

They felt that it was natural selection and the deer got herself into the situation so she should get herself out. But Dick says, no, people left that bag out and it is their responsibility to fix the mess.

h/t: Nelson Daily 


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