Deer tangled in Christmas lights, snow fencing among winter woes for wildlife

November brought all kinds of hazards to deer in British Columbia — some natural, but many caused by people.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service stepped in to help wildlife and want you to remember to be mindful of our furry friends.

Don’t use fish netting around your gardens and flower beds.

This deer was lucky.

Here’s a deer tangled in Christmas lights.

Be careful where and how you hang your decorations this holiday season.

And with Christmas comes ski season, which sometimes overlaps with wildlife habitat.

This deer got caught in the snow fencing at Sun Peaks ski resort.

Happily, it was freed and walked away just fine.

And, the coming of winter also bring natural hazards, like partially frozen lakes.

Just this week, a deer became trapped in an icy lake.

But a conservation officer along with a local resident helped rescued this wayward deer.

Photos BCCOService/Twitter

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