Defective plush toy order from China winds up as playthings for shelter dogs in Illinois

We’ve all ordered things online only to be disappointed when they arrive.

They’re defective. They don’t fit. Or, they’re just plain wrong.

For Ron Keres, it was giant order of tragic-looking frog stuffies. The best-selling author gives away the toys when people buys his books or when he visits schools.

“At first, I was bummed that 270 out of 300 Finn the Frog plush that I ordered from China had pretty terrible cosmetic defects,” Keres recently posted on the Facebook group Frogspotting.

“The stitching was awful, the smile lines were incomplete, and his little tush looked pathetic,” he added with an “lol” for emphasis.

So instead of sending them back, or worse, tossing them in the trash, the Illinois man had a better idea thanks to a friend: Donate them to a local animal shelter.

Which is exactly what he did this month with a visit to Anderson Humane in South Elgin, Illinois.

The frogs went on to bring happiness to four-legged friends. Photo: Ron Keres/Facebook


“When I saw this cute little girl pup get so excited to chew on Finn, it made me happy the problem happened,” he posted.

They may not look great, but they make great chew toys. Photo: Ron Keres/Facebook

“All the staff were excited too!”

Finally, a good use for defective products from China. Photo: Ron Keres/Facebook

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