Did you hear the one about the horse in the back of a pickup? Because. Texas.

They not only make them bigger in Texas, but a lot bolder.

Though, perhaps not very bright.

Kerry Green Costello was driving on Highway 59 past Lufkin, Texas when she saw a fully-saddled horse standing int he bed of a pickup truck going about 70 miles per hour.

She even captured images of the bizarre sight over the weekend.

“Only In Texas,” she posted on Facebook. “This horse is either very well trained or scared to death.”

Ami Parbs was also driving along the highway when she spotted the “crazy” scene.

“Only in Texas,” she posted to Facebook along with a video.

Costello made a joke about the whole thing, but admits this is no laughing matter.

“I’m all for a go fund me account for the horse so we can get a proper trailer. Lol,” she wrote.

And later posted a series of photos, including the same truck pulled over by police while carrying another horse in the back.

“These are all the pictures sent to me by others after I posted my original picture,” she wrote.

This is not the way to transport a horse. Kerry Green Costello/Facebook

“With the help of other drivers that day we have learned that this is not the first time this man has done this,” she wrote. “We also know animal control was called to assist PD in collecting this horse. Hopefully this will not happen again. Thanks for all the other eyes out there and sharing the updates.”

Same truck, different horse. Kerry Green Costello/Facebook

This is dangerous on so many levels.

Police stopped him here, too. Kerry Green Costello/Facebook

And yet, it keeps happening.

Drivers could not believe their eyes. Kerry Green Costello/Facebook

Police in Corrigan told ABC News there isn’t anything illegal about the transportation so the driver was let go. He carried on to work at the Stockyards and the horse, valued at $15,000 is fine.

Photo Kerry Green Costello/Facebook

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