Displaced baby weasel ready for life in the wild with help from San Diego Humane Society

Baby weasels, admittedly, are not the usual critters that come into care at the San Diego Humane Society.

But one super cute — and very, very young — long-tailed weasel wound up there in April after being displace from its nest.

The baby weasel was as hungry as it was sleepy and in equal measure, was as adorable.

One very tiny weasel. Photo: San Diego Humane Society/Facebook

“This tiny critter came to our Bahde Wildlife Center when they were displaced from their nest, but we’re happy to report that they are healthy and eating quite well!” the humane society said in April. “This baby was transferred to our Ramona Wildlife Center for continued care as they grow.”

And grow is exactly what this “ridiculously ravenous and superbly sleepy” baby weasel did, according to the group.

“We’re happy to report that this wonderful little weasel is healthy and ready for a full life back in the wild!” the humane society said Friday.

The baby weasel was dehydrated and required bottle feeding.

It also needed to adapt to life inside a shelter to life in a temporary outdoor habitat.

But through it all, the weasel managed to thrive — and is now back where it belongs.

The baby weasel is now free to roam. Photo: San Diego Humane Society/Facebook

This happy ending also serves as a reminder to do everything we can to coexist with nature.

“If you come across a nest in the ground, in a bush or up a tree, please try not to disturb the babies,” the humane society added. “The best way to help is to wait and watch from a distance. Mom is usually nearby or finding food for her little ones!”

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