Dog killed while protecting owners during road rage shooting

Noah remains a hero to Kidon Martin. The Atlanta, Georgia man recounted on Facebook how his family’s German shepherd lunged into the line of fire on Nov. 28 to save his family from a senseless act of road rage.

“I don’t usually be on Facebook but i have to let people know how my dog noah saved two members of my family my wife and my son in a senseless act of violence ,noah sacrificed himself by pushing them away in the line of gunfire and took a bullet to the neck him being so relentless chased the assailant car to show his protective instict and collapsed in the pusuit he died from the lost of blood he will be mised i cant stop crying for he is his name noah a covenant of the arc which is my family.”

Martin’s loved ones were just bystanders when a man wielding a gun started shooting at another motorist at a city strip mall. His wife and her kids weren’t the targets of the shooting, Atlanta Police Sgt. Gregory Lyon told NBC News. “It’s a really sad story for the whole family,” he told NBC.

In surveillance footage broadcast by the station, an injured Noah can be seen trotting along. But the animal couldn’t be saved.

“The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe,” a witness told NBC.

Nobody has been arrested.

Kind words of support poured into the Martin family from all around the world. And, Martin once again took to Facebook, posting pictures of his beloved pet.



“I would sincerely love to thank every soul who gave my family and i some comfort thru this unneeded times to my old friends and to my new friends thank you,” he wrote on Dec. 1.

Then, on Dec. 2, a good Samaritan – and German Shepherd fancier – touched by the story set up a crowd funding page to get the Martin family a new pooch. “A GSD puppy for Atlanta family,” it says.

“Just after Thanksgiving, the Martin family were victims of a road rage shooting. The family was spared, however, the ever faithful german shepherd Noah, put himself in the line of fire and was shot. Noah then got out of the vehicle and chased the shooter, only to lose his life. The family has 4 young children with the youngest now experiencing nightmares. The whole family misses their dog.
It is not how Christmas should be with sadness and pain. I have a puppy I will be giving the family and will be driving from Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia.
Time is of the essence with unpredictable weather.

thank you,
Elizabeth Wilkerson
Member in good standing with the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.”

Donations quickly poured in to the GoFundMe account and the Martins received the good news on Tuesday. Martin, once again, posted his gratitude.

“Great news everyone thanks to two special people that enterd our lives Kathy tank and Elizabeth Wilkerson GSD’S lovers we are going to receive a new baby in our family a blessed gift to my family, i was told santa has a early drop off December 10TH IM SO EXCITED AND I CANT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE THANK YOU ALL! ELIZABETH AND KATHY GOD BLESS you and to my family i love you all.”

“Just paying it forward My Friend,” Kathy wrote on Facebook. “We are honored to do this for your beautiful family. Hoping someone takes a video of the “special delivery!”

h/t Buzzfeed Photos Kidon Martin/Facebook

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