Dog left tied to sign at U.K. animal sanctuary with heartbreaking note

The letter left behind was simple.

“My name is Prince, about 12 1/2 years old.”

It was placed on top of a bag of dog food and treats. Not far away, was Prince, tied to the sign of the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol, U.K. left for someone to find on Sunday morning.

The note that was left with Prince. Photo: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Someone did spot the dog and called the sanctuary.

“We raced down the drive, and found this gorgeous Saluki tied to our signpost, with a bag of dog food and a note,” the sanctuary explained in a Facebook post this week.

Prince probably wasn’t left for long. Photo: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

The group figured the dog wasn’t there for long as staff only arrived earlier that morning.

They are grateful — and saddened — by the discovery.

“Leaving your animal at our gate, although it is not ideal, as we then have no history for them or know if they have any urgent medical needs, it is so much more responsible than leaving them to look after themselves somewhere else,” the sanctuary explained.

“Please know that we have no judgement here,” the group continued.

“We can tell that Prince was clearly a loved pet, and we can only imagine how hard this must have been for his owners,” it added. “We want to say thank you to them for bringing him to us, and to let them know he is being well looked after, and we will treat his ailments, and we will find him a perfect home.”

Vets found a skin inflammation, sore limbs and plaque on Prince’s teeth. The dog also needs to be neutered.

The sanctuary is going to let Prince settle in so they can learn more about him before putting him up for adoption.

While not ideal, at least Prince wasn’t dumped in the wild or abandoned in an empty building –situations the sanctuary has seen before. Photo: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

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