Dog name Otis saves himself by carrying his own dog food

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A German shepherd mix name Otis who was already well-known in his Texas town for roaming on his own is now internationally famous after he was spotted carrying his own dog food.

Otis often went to the local Dairy Queen or the lumber store in the town of Sinton. But he quickly became a viral sensation after a woman Tiele Dockens, who was checking on the damage created by the recent storm, spotted Otis carrying a bag of dog food.

The photo has been shared almost 40,000 times since Saturday when she first posted it.

Otis’ owner Salvador Segovia is looking after the dog for his 5-year-old grandson who left with his parents to flee the storm.

Segovia says Otis is a savvy dog and often visits places around town where he knows people will feed him. His favourites include DQ ice cream and hamburgers.


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