Dog saves beached dolphin in Wales

Leia, a two-year-old working Cocker Spaniel was on a Cwyneed beach in Wales last week fishing her with owner Rick Wilcock.

Wilcock, 42, and the owner of a creative agency said he was standing on the beach taking pictures and videos.

“Leia started to make a right old fuss….She kept coming up to me, barking and nudging me, she must have smelt the dolphin from a mile off.

At first, Wilcock said to the Daily Post he thought it was a baby shark that Leia.

“It was only about one and half foot but on a closer inspection I could see the blow hole on top of his head and realised it was a dolphin

Because there was nobody around, Wilcock gently lifted the dolphin and popped the critter back into the waves. The dolphin swam into deeper waters and eventually disappeared.

“With the strong winds we are getting at the moment it is quite possible he just got blown out of the way and stranded rather than having anything seriously wrong with him, so let’s hope he made it back out to sea safely.

Wilcock credits Leia for being smart enough to recognize the dolphin in distress.

“She is a very intelligent dog, more intelligent than most. We often see dolphins and porpoises swimming and playing in Cardigan Bay, Criccieth is a great spot in the summer to spot them.

h/t: Daily Post

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