Dog shot in head with arrow wandered for two days before being rescued

A dog with an arrow stuck in her head wandered around for two days until she was finally rescued by a construction worker who found her

Gemma, a flat-coated retriever, was seen with a blue and yellow arrow sticking out the top of her head. The arrow had been fired by a crossbow.

The arrow protruded straight up above her left eye and narrowly missed the dog’s brain and optic nerve.

It was a construction worker who found Gemma. Chief animal control officer for Lapeer County Aimee Orn said the arrow almost killed the dog.

“It’s a miracle. It missed everything important by millimeters.

Orn said, authorities are seeking felony animal cruelty charges against the dog’s owner, who told investigators he shot the retriever in the head with a crossbow after she allegedly acted aggressively toward his other dog, a pug.

The wounded dog, which weighs about 50 pounds, came up to a construction worker in North Branch about 12:30 p.m. Monday, Orn said.

The pooch was taken to a local veterinarian, who took X-rays and removed the arrow.

Authorities received a tip from one of the dog owner’s relatives, who heard rumours that the man had shot his dog.

They talked with neighbors to identify the dog and spoke with the owner, a 28-year-old Goodland Township man, Orn said.

Orn said Gemma is recovering at animal control after having the guesstimated 15-inch to 18-inch-long arrow removed from her head.

he said Gemma has only one staple from the surgery, which a veterinarian did at a discount.

“She’s doing great and starting to perk up.

She said if the owner is willing to sign off on Gemma, she could be available for adoption. If not, she will be held, Orn said, because she is considered evidence.

Orn said the construction worker who found Gemma visited her the other day. She said he or someone from his company had thought about adopting the dog. Orn said she would consider giving the worker first crack.

“I think he deserves that much. She’s gonna make someone a great dog.

h/t: Detroit Free Press 


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