Dog tossed from stand at football match survives

A dog name Goofy is on the mend after some football fan tried to throw the pooch at the referee at a football match.

The incident, which has garnered international attention, happened during a football match in Olula del Rio. The man, Clemente Domene is alleged to be responsible and faces charges of alleged animal abuse and violent behaviour at a sporting event.

Goofy belonged to another spectator and was tossed between two and three metres. Goofy was reported to be hurt, but has now been given a clean bill of health.

Domene says the flight was the result of an accident and was not intentional.

We were in the stands all the time playing with the dog.

When the referee went to the visitors bench to ask several expelled players to leave the field, Clemente approached the railings “to see what was happening.”

People started screaming and the dog got scared and jumped out of my arms.

Meanwhile, the dog’s owner leapt on the man who threw the dog, according to Costa News, and began punching the other fan, much to the astonishment of the watching crowd.

h/t: Euroweekly News  and Costa News

Photo credit: Costa News


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