UPDATED: Dog with broken legs left on side of Alberta road with bag of dog food

Who leaves a dog with two broken legs on the side of a road?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to a dog in southern Alberta. The pooch, which eagle-eyed dog-lovers identified as a Puli, a Hungarian herding dog, was abandoned roadside a few days ago. The dog was left on a sweltering day with nothing but two casts on its front legs and a bag of dog food at its side.


Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue  calls it one of its “most unusual rescue cases ever.”

The Canmore, Alta.-based group posted an update to Facebook.

“A Stoney Nakota man called us he found a dog on the sitting on the side of the road left with a bag of dog food near his home in Morley, a community just west of Calgary and it had two casts on its front legs. The man was very concerned the dog got good vet care so called us to help get it to the vet. When we met him in Morley the dog, a sweet black furry 7 month old that looked like a poodle had two brightly colored casts on its front legs. It looked like a professional job from a veterinarian.”


The dog, which is now dubbed “Afro Man,” has now been the subject of local news reports as officials try to track down the owner.



“Who abandoned this really sweet puppy out on a dirt road on a hot day in August,” the group, and well, everyone, is left wondering.


The Calgary Sun spoke with a man named Mohammed Nadeem Dar, who has now identified himself as the dog’s owner. He told the newspaper he didn’t abuse the dog, named Scoot, but that it broke its legs last week when it fell off a one-metre high ledge onto a cement step in his yard in Invermere, B.C.

Dar also told the newspaper he was unable to care for the dog or cover the $10,000 vet bills, so he was bringing it into Calgary to have the animal euthanized. But Dar told the Sun he couldn’t go through with it. He gave the dog to a couple outside an SPCA office along with $500 and asked them to to take the dog in to be put to sleep.

The SPCA is investigating.

UPDATE Aug. 13

The rescue group says Afro Man was first abandoned on a highway in Radium, B.C. not long after his trip to the vet where his legs were put in casts. A woman found him on the highway, managed to find the owner, who told her “someone stole his dog.” She returned the dog to the man in Calgary. That’s when the dog was abandoned and found along a Morley roadway. Here’s the latest Facebook post:

AFRO MAN UPDATE!Oh my! So much has happened since yesterday!!Afro Man has hundreds of people who truly care about him,…

Posted by Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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