Your dog as Yoda

If you want to feel like a very inadequate dog owner, watch a new documentary from the U.K. about extreme pet grooming.

The Channel 4 documentary details the lengths pet groomers will go to be the top dog in their field. Every year, there’s a competition in Hershey, Pennsylvania, for the title of top groomer.

A British dog groomer Sue Eld-Weaver hopes to take the title this year from the Americans. She used a Memoirs of a Geisha theme on her dog complete with a bonsai tree tail and an orange fish.

It’s big business and winning can make or break those in competition, according to this story from the Daily Mail  

One person quoted says many devoted pet owners spend more money on grooming their dogs than they would on children. 

Ms. Eld-Weaver says what she does with her dogs is just what any other artist would do. “Picasso used a white blank piece of paper, I use a white dog. This is my canvas,” she says.

h/t: Daily Mail 

Photo credit: Swan Films, Channel 4


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