Dogs, bears, horses, sheep and mutants: Super Bowl ads feature some pretty super animals

You can always rely on Super Bowl season for some really great critter commercials, proving that maybe it’s not so tough to work with animals.

Take this one for HEINZ ketchup. Real-live hot dogs.


Or, as the venerable condiment company noted on YouTube:

“There comes a time in every wiener dog’s life when you look in the full length doggy mirror and ask yourself, am I going to be a plain old boring hot dog forever? Or am I going to jump this rusty chain link fence and join the rest of the wieners in an epic stampede across the globe to seek out the most amazing tasting collection of Heinz Ketchups, so that I can be the best hot dog I can be? And that moment is a defining one, for every wiener dog. These little wieners chose wisely to Meet the Ketchups. Wiener.”

There’s also this ad from Honda.

The automaker employs some singing sheep bleating their hearts out to Queen to sell its new Ridgeline truck, specifically it’s truck-bed audio system.


There’s also a talking sheepdog.


Hyundai also employs talking animals.

Its Super Bowl ad titled The Chase is actually really intense.


Promoting its new Elantra model, the automaker highlights a new feature that allows drivers to remotely start the car by simply talking to your smartwatch? “So when you need to leave in a hurry, even a big hurry, it just may come in handy,” it notes on YouTube.

Budweiser once again hits the screen with its horses.

But it doesn’t use its trademark pulling horse team in the traditional way. Viewers barely catch a glimpse of them.


“We’re big. We have clydesdales, not ponies,” the beer maker posted on YouTube as part of its #NotBackingDown campaign.

Mountain Dew also weighs in on the critter craze.

It does a heck of a job not-so-subtley mocking the use of adorable animals — and babies — in Super Bowl advertising in its super creepy “Puppymonkeybaby” commercial.


“When three friends decide to stay home for the night, a surprise visitor arrives with MTN DEW Kickstart on a mission to change their minds. #puppymonkeybaby,” the soda maker notes on YouTube.

Super Bowl 50 kicks off Sunday. Fittingly, the Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos.

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