Is this a drone walking a dog or a dog walking a drone?

We are big drone fans and love the amazing footage it generates. We also love walking our dogs.

But using drones to walk dogs? We’re not so sure that’s a great idea.

A drone shouldn’t be an excuse for lazy owners to interact with their dog, like in this case from 2010 when a man was fined for using his car to walk his dog.

The video below was created by dog-owner Jeff Myers who posted it on Vimeo last month about walking a golden retriever attached by a leash to the drone.

The dog appears to be unfazed as it walks down the street while being led by the drone, although a few passersby in the neighborhood do curious double-takes. Back inside the home, the dog’s position is being tracked on a map on a computer screen.

Myers told “Good Morning America” that the drone was just a prototype.

h/t: Scientific American, GMA





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