Doomed dog watches owner dig grave, but don’t worry, “false alarm”

Every pet owner knows the day must come.

The day when the beloved companion dies or is put down. But a man in rural Virginia went a step further before the inevitable and played grave digger while letting his best friend watch.

The tale, retold by writer Franklin Hardy, about his dad’s dog’s brush with death in a series of tweets has the internet at once gutted and relieved.

“The vet told my dad on the phone (??) that his dog had to be put down and he’d come to his house and do it,” Hardy tweeted. “My dad dug the dog’s grave AND LET THE DOG WATCH.”

Dog sits guard while owner digs grave. Franklin Hardy/Twitter

Which all seems rather morbid.

But in the 11th hour came relief for the Golden Doodle.

“The vet came and checked the dog and said it was a false alarm. Oops! Dog’s fine!” Hardy explains.

Why exactly photos were being taken of this not-so-final end is still tough to swallow. Franklin Hardy/Twitter

Hardy was a bit baffled by the over-the-phone diagnosis.

It also seemed a little weird to let the unwitting pooch bear witness to such a grim task.

By hey, country life.

The dog is totally fine.

Doing “famously,” in fact.


And people are finding something to laugh about in the end.

Photos @franklinhardy/Twitter

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