Downward dog with dogs

You may know your warrior pose and even your downward dog, but do you know some of these Doga poses?

Some trained yoga teachers are now coming up with new poses. Yoga with your dog has been around for a few years now.

Proponents say it helps not just owners but the dogs to become calm and relaxed. It also connects dogs and their owners when they share their energy. 

Doga typically includes massage and meditation.

Brenda Bryan, a former Seattle yoga and doga instructor,  says dogs make the perfect yoga companions.

“They’re in the moment and all about union because they’re pack animals…and that’s what yoga is all about. It’s all about being in the moment and developing a sense of oneness. Dogs are natural healers and it’s nice to bring them onto our mats and incorporate them into such a healing practice.”

Some common doga poses include:

  • Chaturanaga: Your dog lies on his/her stomach while you stroke their back.
  • Chair: You hold your dog from behind while it’s in the sitting position and raise the front paws in the air.
  • Inner Dog Mudra: Rest your forehead on your dog’s forehead and connect the energy of your minds. Bryan created this one

h/t: CNBC

Photo credit: Doga Dog Home

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