Drone’s Eye View: You have never seen beluga whales, polar bears like this

This is gorgeous.

Photographer Nansen Weber took a drone to the Northwest Passage off Nunavut and captured some of the most stunning images of beluga whales and polar bears ever recorded.


He spent a month filming at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge and around Somerset Island. He’s believed to be the first photographer to use a drone in the High Arctic in this fashion.

The result: Nothing short of magical.

Drone Art: Arctic Wildlife & Landscapes  shows a beluga congregation of Cunningham Inlet, considered one of the last beluga nurseries on Earth, where nearly 2,000 whales gather annually.


The video catches polar bears on land and swimming in their natural habitat.


Weber is just 24. He spent his most summers of his childhood exploring Baffin Island with his family and local Inuit families doing things like “chasing caribou and polar bears on the tundra.” Canadian Geographic recently named it Video of the Week. He’s been wowed, and rightfully so, by all the attention.

“Super pumped to see that people are enjoying my video!” Weber wrote on Facebook.


Photos Nansen Weber/Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge/YouTube


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