Duchess of Cornwall shown how to use dog hair to weave yarn (Queen’s corgi hides under royal couch)

During the Second World War, dog fur was used to create clothing at a time of rationing and some seniors in the United Kingdom think its time to revive the skill of weaving dog hair into yarn.

In a visit last week, seniors at the Royal Voluntary Service demonstrated the techniques of spinning wool using yarn brushed off dogs to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla learned from one woman Elizabeth Lee how dog hair from her white Samoyed Zoe can be mixed with sheep wool to make clothing.

Lee told the Duchess of Cornwall that it takes about three hours of spinning to produce one ounce of wool to which Camilla replied:

It must be very therapeutic…You must be very patient,” before pondering the amount of effort and adding: “I think I would get myself tied up in knots.”

The Duchess, who is president of the RVS – formerly the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service and before that the WVS – met a group of older people demonstrating traditional crafts, including preserve making, basket weaving, wood turning, bread making and crocheting.

Wikihow suggests using a dog’s hair from their shoulder or backs, sides or belly and to separate the thicker hair guard hair from the soft cotton-like undercoat. Then cart the hair and spin the fur

Craftsy also has tips:

If you are interested in having your pet’s fur spun into yarn, begin collecting the fur when you groom them. You will need to collect several ounces of fur to spin enough yarn. Many pets shed most in the spring when they are getting rid of their winter coat, and this is a perfect time to get out that brush and begin collecting the fur.

Do not store your pet’s fur in a plastic bag, as the fur may have moisture in it and a plastic bag won’t allow this moisture to evaporate. If you collect fur in a plastic bag, it can felt or mildew. A cloth bag is best, so season by season the collected fur can adjust to the humidity and temperature of the room without becoming moldy or felted.



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