Duck takes ducklings on stroll through Michigan school

For 13 years, Vanessa has been attending Village Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan.

A retired teacher, Ruth Darrah, has taken it upon herself to mind the plucky little girl. You see, Vanessa is a duck and she returns to the school year after year to lay her eggs.

The school recently offered this update:

“Did you know that Vanessa, the Village Duck, returned for the 13th straight year? It’s true! She made her nest under a shrub in our beautiful courtyard, laid her eggs, and out came 11 little ducklings. After school on Thursday, April 28, Ruth Darrah set the course for Vanessa and her babies to walk through the building, out to the playground and finally arriving at the wetlands. The children love to see the baby ducks with momma duck, walking around the courtyard. We were excited to have the Press & Argus here to see the walk-through and film the ducks as they exited the building. We look for her around the end of March and are always glad to have her back!”

Or, as the Livingston Daily put it in its coverage on Monday, “It takes a Villages: School fits the bill for duck’s visit.”

Main photo Livingston Daily

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