Dying mastiff Molly gets hand-delivery of favourite ice cream from Notarianni’s

Iconic ice cream shop Notarianni’s in the seaside British town of Blackpool is known for being a family business specializing in just one flavour: vanilla.

The shop, which first opened up in 1928, is so beloved that over the summer, people and dogs line up to get some “vanilla only” ice cream.

The store closes in the winter months and isn’t scheduled to open again until March 5. But the family, now in its fourth generation of running the ice cream shop, keeps some of its own supply of the homemade vanilla recipe at home.

The family will part with some of its own personal supply which is what happened last week when a heartsick owner of a dying dog made a plea that got answered.

Julie Dillgaf Smith emailed Luca Vettese from Notarianni’s asking for a favour.

I emailed Luca a few days ago to see if I could get hold of some ice cream for our family dog molly who is seriously ill with liver cancer we took molly at least 6 times every season (for 10 years) to your shop on waterloo road for her treat.

Vettese showed up at molly’s door with a tub of ice cream for the dying mastiff and Smith sent a note back:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you really have restored my faith in humanity

Vettese, whose great-grandfather started the shop, learned Molly devoured the whole bucket.

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