Elk attacks truck during rutting season in Jasper National Park

During fall mating season for elk in the Canadian Rockies, it’s tempting to stop and watch — or capture some images.

But it can also be incredibly dangerous.

A warden in Alberta’s Jasper National Park is now sharing some hard-core proof of how ruthless rutting can be.

“Why should you stay in your car when viewing elk during the rut?” Parks Canada posted today on social media. “These four holes are a good reason.”

The truck got off lucky.

Humans may not be so fortunately if an elk decides to charge.

Wildlife officers advise people to stay at least 30 metres away from the animals.

“Though they might not appear threatening, elk can be aggressive and attack without warning,” Parks Canada advises. “In the spring calving season female elk aggressively defend their young. During the fall mating season, male elk are particularly belligerent. Do not approach elk in any season as they are dangerous.”

Don’t mess with them.

Be wary of any animals with lowered antlers, pawing the ground, thrashing bushes or charging.

And it’s not just the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

It’s that time of year down into the United States where elk roam.

And this kind of behaviour can last through October.

Photo Jasper National Park/Twitter

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