Elk with can stuck to hoof shows dangers of carelessly tossing garbage

A troubled elk has been photographed wandering around a Denver golf course with a can jammed on its hoof.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted the disturbing images Thursday showing the elk struggling at the city’s Evergreen Golf Course.

“A young bull elk was spotted on the Evergreen Golf Course, having a hard time getting around because it had a can on its front left leg,” the park service wrote.

And it added a reminder to not litter.

“Please be sure to properly dispose of your trash,”

The park service said it isn’t aware of anyone being able to help the animal — yet.

But elk sightings at the course, considered Denver’s “signature mountain course” are common, so hopefully someone can intervene soon.

“But we’ll be sure to let people know if that takes place,” parks and wildlife officials added.

And on Friday afternoon they did.

The elk went from this.

To tracked down and rescued from its aluminum trap.

The elk just needed to be stopped in his tracks for a bit.

“The bull elk was a little slow waking up from the immobilization shot so Officer Nicholson could remove the can, but eventually he got up and was on his way,” officials added.

And then, freedom.

Photos: CPWNE Region/Twitter

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