Emaciated northern fur seal pup now recovering at Vancouver Aquarium

Skinny and far from home, this northern fur seal pup is getting a second chance at life.

The Vancouver Aquarium estimates the wee thing to be around 7-months-old when it was found alone off the small Vancouver Island community of Ahousaht, and is now caring for it at its Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

The pup was found by locals, was quite thin and hanging around a place busy with passing boats. The little gaffer is also ridiculously adorable.


The aquarium’s rescue centre has rescued only one other northern fur seal before. That was in 1960. He was named Nippy.

The species is considered “threatened” by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Northern fur seals are also pelagic, which means they live almost all of the time in the open ocean. The only use certain offshore islands for pupping and breeding, according to the aquarium.

The federal Fisheries Department will determine whether the pup can be released back to the wild.


Photos Vancouver Aquarium/Twitter

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