Endangered white rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Consider it the start of a real-life baby boom at Walt Disney World in Florida.

A male white rhinoceros calf was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which hopes the birth if the first in a series that will help boost the population of the endangered species.

The calf weighed in at around 150 pounds and was born Sunday to mom, Kendi, who herself was born at the park in 1999.

“Calf and mother are doing well under the keepers’ watchful eyes,” the theme park said in a news release. “While rhinos are gregarious by nature; for now, the calf is resting, nursing and bonding with his mom.”

The male rhino calf hasn’t been named yet. Photo: Walt Disney World

The yet-to-be-named rhino is the 11th calf to be born at the resort.

Two other rhinos are currently pregnant at the park and expected to give birth in late 2021.

Kendi, Jao and Lola seen here as expectant mothers when the resort announced the triple pregnancy last month. Photo: Walt Disney World

Kendi was paired with dad Dugan through the Species Survival Plans overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Dugan, the herd’s bull, is the father of the other two calves, as well. 

White rhinos are endangered species and their status is classified as near-threatened.

The baby boy will join the other rhinos at the park in the coming weeks.

For now, he’s focussed on mom.

Mom and baby are doing well. Photo: Walt Disney World

Rhino calves stay very close to their mothers for the first three years of their lives.

Kendi was the first rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1999. Photo: Walt Disney Animal Kingdom

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