Exceptionally rare, extraordinarily beautiful albino Green sea turtle hatches in Australia

A “very rare” albino Green sea turtle has hatched and successfully made its way to the ocean off the east coast of Australia.

The Coolum District Coast Care Group posted some stunning photos of the ghostly white turtle, now named Alby, as it emerged from the sand at Castaways Beach in Queensland. The turtle monitoring group, which said more than 100 turtles made it to the sea over the weekend, posted this to its Facebook page Feb. 7.

“Meet Alby, the first ever albino Green turtle we have come across in our 9 years of turtle monitoring. Alby was born at Castaways Beach and happily made his/her way across the dunes into the ocean yesterday. Alby was the straggler in the nest, with his siblings having hatched on Friday evening when no-one was watching. Our volunteers found him just under the sand when collecting the data from the hatched nest. Alby was one of 122 hatchlings that are making the journey from the Castaways nest to the continental shelf. May the oceans be kind to this unique little green turtle!”

Adrienne Savage, who was on site for the hatchling, took the photo posted above as well as this one of the little guy – or gal. The yellow and orange mesh around the nest aims to prevent foxes from digging up the eggs, according to the group.

Adrienne Savage/Coolum District Coast Care Group
Adrienne Savage/Coolum District Coast Care Group

Sea turtles face long odds. The species is also endangered.

John and Danny Bird/Coolum District Coast Care Group
John and Danny Bird/Coolum District Coast Care Group

“If it’s a girl, and if she survives (big odds against both of those!) she could be back here to nest in around 30 years!” the group also noted.

John and Danny Bird/Coolum District Coast Care Group
John and Danny Bird/Coolum District Coast Care Group

This video, posted by the Noosa Community Biosphere Association captures the incredible moment.

A very rare albino green turtle – he “Alby” hatched on Castaways Beach, QLD. 1 in 100000 occurrence of an albino green turtle emerging from its nest and racing down the beach to enter the water. VIDEO

Posted by Noosa Community Biosphere Association on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

h/t Discovery Photos Adrienne Savage/Coolum Coast Care Group

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