Famous movie love scenes with Mrs Wrigley the dog.

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This is hilarious.

Chris Naka, a member of Chicago’s Blue Man Group decided to recreate love scenes from cinema with his dog Wrigley.

The Daily Mail has taken the extra time to pair up the pictures with the actual movie scene. There’s one from the Titanic and a great one with Wrigley’s leg matched up to the leg of Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate.

As Naka explains in an interview with  the Today Show, he’s not actually in a romantic relationship with his dog.

There really isn’t a great reason for choosing romantic movies. Once we started with Titanic, it just made sense to continue the trend. Really though, the romance photos were so hilarious and kind of bizarre. We just planned to keep going until we ran out of ideas.

Photo credit: Chris Naka and Embassy Pictures




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