Fleet-footed Rally Cat takes the game in Miami Marlins home opener

It was a cat that really should have been MVP at the Miami Marlins home opener on Tuesday.

A wide-eyed gray kitty ran onto the turf at Marlins Park, scampered into the outfield and up the wall just as the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves was to start.

“About the only thing that can stop the Marlins right now is a cat in centre field desperately looking for a way out of here,” one of the broadcasters said color-commentating the action.

(The Marlins would go on to beat the Braves handily 8-4.)

And when the cat scratched and clawed its way up the wall, the crowd – and announcers – were left dumbstruck.

“Look at this cat. Terrific stuff by the cat,” the announcer rightly proclaimed. “He just scaled the home run sculpture.”

The cat was quickly dubbed #RallyCat.

With, of course, a Twitter account.

Naturally, it happened on National Pet Day.

Now, naturally, there’s a contest in Meow-mi to name the wayward kitty.

Even though the cat is long gone. Still, chalk this one up in the record books.


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