Florence Pugh holds giant fish in new Vogue cover

Actor Florence Pugh has delighted and puzzled fans with new photos of her Vogue cover including a shot of her holding a fish in her designer gown.

If’s her second cover in the last two years and on social media, photos of the 27-year-old sporting various different outfits have just appeared in anticipation of the cover. The photo garnering the most interest? In one shot, Pugh is holding a massive fish like it’s an accessory.

The actor shared the exciting news of her latest Vogue cover with her 8.6 million Instagram followers, writing:

“It’s here. It happened again. I remember when I was told that Anna Wintour wanted me to be on the cover 3 years ago, I felt like I was there. I’d made it. Vogue cover at 24 for me felt bizarre and unreal. We got the cover printed and framed (big over the top gold frame.. obvi) and it was such a wonderful reminder of how unique that moment in my career was.”

Anna Wintour wanting me on the cover for a second time feels just as unique. If not more? I love working, I love working hard. To be recognised in these pictures and pages like this is such a wonderful nod.

Fans wondered and were delighted with the fishy accompaniment with many comparing Pugh’s photoas an homage to the many on dating sites by men holding fish.

Flo holding a fish like so many guys on Tinder did before her. Who came up with that idea?

Hahhaha best tinder picture ever!

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