Forest fire in B.C. gets dangerously close to fleeing black bear

Summer in British Columbia inevitably means forest fires. The west coast of Canada is home to a lot of trees and it’s been a drought year.

There has been many dramatic images captured of the fires but the most heartbreaking one was the one in Port Alberni.

The Dog Mountain fire on the coast has been burning for a couple of weeks and is finally 100 per cent contained. But at one point more than a dozen cabins in the area had to be evacuated. The fire burned more than 450 hectares

While out on the water on Sproat Lake, Port Alberni resident Steve Kendall took a picture that has been widely circulated on social media

The picture shows a black bear near the flames as he was browsing for food along the shoreline.5-BEAR-PHOTO

Kendall told Chek News that the bear didn’t appear too concerned about the fire raging a few meters behind him.

Photo credit: Steve Kendall


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