What did the fox say? Turns out, thank you for saving us during a flood

This is amazing. Possibly stupid, but mostly amazing. And, for now, we’re totally buying this story. Two guys in Saskatchewan swam through flood waters to save some stranded foxes. Their friend, Derek Kroeher, documented Sunday’s event on Twitter.

An entire spring’s worth of rain fell in in just a couple of days in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba prompting widespread states of emergency, according to the Regina Leader-Post and the Winnipeg Free Press

Behold a (nearly) drowned fox. And, a whole lot of Twitter love for these guys.


Photos Derek Roeher/Twitter

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  1. This is a true story, we saw the foxes a couple hours before (just down the road from our place) and were wondering how we could save them, only to return to find these guys already having done the job! Awesome guys they are.

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