What does the fox say? Yum, is that a GoPro?

Under the Youtube title: FOX KILLS AND EATS my GoPro is this offering from a photographer.

He thought it would be a good idea to put down his GoPro when a fox came close.

The photographer was in Round Island, Alaska to film wildlife with a group from the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

As his colleagues were filming sea lions, the photographer saw the fox and put his GoPro on the ground anticipating of getting a close-up.

fox2The Lion Whisperer did it with his GoPro and if you want to know what the belly of a giraffe looks like, well GoPro has done that as well.

So the fox footage could have been really interesting except that it seems when a fox isn’t napping on an Ottawa bus, they’re hungry critters.

Despite yells of hey! This fox encounter led to snack time.

Fortunately, he only managed to get the face of the GoPro off and didn’t consume any parts.

That would have led to another pretty cool video if it was actually ingested and was still being shooting at the same time.

Note: We are not advocating someone should do that shoot!


Photo credit: OpenLens Production

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