Fox seeking cherries on windshield wins Mammal Photo contest

Roger Cox, an amateur photographer, has seen this fox jump on cars before.

When it jumped on his windshield, Cox was ready with his camera and got this stunning image he called “Foxhall Zafira.”

The photo won Mammal Photographer of the Year award given this week by the Mammal Society.

Cox said the animal was familiar to people in the neighbourhood.

“This animal often foraged for the wild cherries that fell from the trees and landed in the wells between the bonnets and windscreens of parked cars. It was also used to getting food from people who threw food out of their car windows at night during the early hours. I took this picture…when it jumped up on my car to investigate if there was anything of interest for it, as I’d seen it do several times before.”

Roger’s photograph impressed the judges so much that it also won the Mammal Society Member’s Award, open to photographers who have joined the Society. Roger wins a bat photography masterclass together with a £100 photographic printing voucher.

“Shooting photographs through the windscreen of the car is tricky given the angle of the glass but with a fox so close it helps keep the viewer focused on this encounter.” said this year’s Head Judge, ecologist and professional photographer Brett Lewis ”Sometimes photographs like these get overlooked when we return home and look through them on the big screen and many never make it as far as competition entries but Roger made a bold choice and the rewards are deserved.”

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