Freakiest creatures of the deep hooked by Russian deep-sea fisherman

Roman Fedorstov has definitely cornered the market on freaky sea creatures.

The Russian deep-sea fisherman has netted a massive social media following with his photos of wacky, weird and wonderful underwater critters. Frankly, many of them are terrifying.

Like this.

‪here such a smiling sea creature. Enjoy! Такое вот милое морское создание‬

A photo posted by roman_fedortsov (@roman_fedortsov) on

And this.

And then there’s this otherworldly creature.

Fedortsov is based in Murmansk, which is a port city in Russia’s far north at the Barents Sea, is usually trawling for foodstuffs, but sometimes things other than say, cod, swim into his nets.

His reports on Instagram, where he has 125,000 followers, and Twitter, where he has another 100,000 or so, were recently picked up by Science Alert. Because, well, so so weird.

Are you looking at me?

Some are just beautiful. Others, the stuff of fantasy films. More are nightmare material.

This is one rabbit hole, or rather deep sea dive, you’ll have trouble coming up for air.

Photos Roman Fedorstov

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