Frog imprint in Japanese sidewalk leaves pedestrians scratching their heads

Forget what happens to a frog in a boiling pot. What about one ensconced in wet cement? That’s the question leaping to everyone’s mind in Japan, where images have surfaced of a perfect imprint of a frog – limbs splayed – in a new sidewalk. The frog, however, is nowhere to be seen. A photographer who goes by the handle @masssssann posted the images on Twitter with one comment – “EH?” – which have now been retweeted more than 65,000 times.

Where did the frog go? @mas /Twitter
Where did the frog go? @massssann /Twitter

Little wonder.

But whether the little green guy lived or died remains a mystery. It has the internet speculating. Nevertheless, as one person rightly pointed out, what’s left behind is “strangely beautiful.” frogcement2 h/t Daily Mail Photos @masssssann/Twitter

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