David Beckham’s dislikes: frogs, snakes and spiders

So there’s a new documentary about to premiere about footballer David Beckham and his journey to the Amazon.

But all we at Critter Files got out of it was Becks is not a fan of amphibians.

He admitted in the BBC documentary David Beckham: Into The Unknown that he’s not too fond of the animals he encountered on his journey.

Beckham was seen getting flustered after he was followed into his tent but a brightly coloured frog as he said: ‘I am not a big frog fan.

Here’s what else we learned from the documentary. It took 12 days of travelling 800 miles into the Amazon rainforest before Beckham found what he was hoping to find: a whole village of people who had no idea who he was. (They were singing, strangely enough,  “If you want to be my lover…” when he rode in on his motorbike. We kid..)

Interviewed by travel guy  and Monty Python member Michael Palin, Becks says he was no David Attenborough and found the wildlife creepy.

On this trip I was like, “Snakes, not a big fan of, spiders, also not a big fan of…But frogs were the thing I was kind of not sure I wanted to come across. And one of the first animals that we saw was a bright orange frog which unnerved me even more.’

h/t: Daily Mail 

Photo credit: BBC

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