Disabled baby goat gets wheelchair, learns to walk

Frostie the snow goat had an unenviable start to life. He was severely dehydrated and had one of the worst cases of lice infestation the folks at Edgar’s Mission in Australia had even seen.

“Yet these were not the worst of his woes as they were all issues that could be readily addressed,” the non-profit sanctuary noted on its blog. “It is was his debilitating and life threatening condition known as joint naval ill that sent our hearts racing.”

The condition, which strikes young calves and kid goats, is caused by an infection entering the body through the umbilical cord soon after birth. The bacteria spread through Frostie’s bloodstream and took hold in the joints of his back legs, making them unusable. Workers figured if they can get Frostie moving, his condition would improve. And so, the Frostie is in motion with a little help of a wheelchair-like cart. Watch him take his first steps. Your outlook will instantly brighten. Promise.

Incidentally, the wheelcart has proved successful before. Behold Leon Trotsky, the pig on wheels.

Leon on Wheels from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


h/t Gawker Photo/videos Edgar’s Mission/vimeo


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