Furjazzling dogs with hair extensions and birthday parties

Give your pet pedicures (peticures?), muttinis and hair extensions?

Seems like a bit too much but one woman in the UK freely admits to spending two thousand pounds a month in what she calls “furjazzling” her dogs.

Daniela Forshaw, 37, dedicates her life to her five dogs – Coco and Mia the greyhounds, Harry the Beagle, Mulan the miniature poodle and her favourite pup Venice the poodle.

She has her own grooming parlour where she spends her time dying and trimming their fur, and even matches their nail polish and outfits to her own.

My dogs are with me all the time…They’re the centre of attention, 99 per cent of people say positive things but people do comment and say it’s not to their taste.

Forshaw says in an article in the Daily Mail that a lot of people feed their dogs too much or don’t walk them enough. While she may posh up her dogs, Forshaw says they are the best-kept dogs in the country.

Indeed, Forshaw’s dogs live better than most. She hosts birthday parties for them and while she doesn’t over-feed them, Forshaw says she believes her dogs love being pampered even though it takes a toll on her

I have had to massively cut down on spending on myself because so much goes on them…They are massively spoilt but at the end of the day I don’t have kids and we are happy the way we are.’

h/t: Daily Mail

Photo credit: SWNS.com

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