Gary The Cat, yes, cat, hits the slopes at Alberta ski resort

We’ve all heard of ski bunnies and snow dogs. But a skiing cat?

Well, one Alberta ski resort operator has brought on one adventurous — and very fluffy — cat as its newest brand ambassador. Gary The Cat is now on paw patrol at the Nakiska Ski Resort in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary.

“He likes the ‘Grooming Cats’ and enjoys ‘cat tracks,'” the company’s senior- vice president, Matt Mosteller, better known as “Powder Matt,” posted this week on social media.

Companies are always looking for social media influencers to rep their products or services.

Gary has more than 245,000 followers on Instagram and thousands on Facebook. He really is a pioneer in the claws-out competitive world of adventure cats.

Still, a furry feline is an interesting choice for a ski hill.

But this is one particularly cool cat.

Gary has some serious shred credibility.

He comes by it honestly living in the Canadian Rockies.

Gary The Cat on a freshly frozen mountain lake. Photo: Gary The Cat/Facebook

Which is where he also hikes, climbs mountains, paddles, slides on ice and otherwise enjoys the outdoors under the watchful eye of his human.

Who, by the way, is James Eastham and is pretty much the opposite of a crazy cat lady.

Gary The Cat really is the king of the world. Photo: Gary The Cat/Faceook

Adventures cats are really giving dogs a run for their money as the backcountry’s new best friend.

Mountain dogs, after all, are nothing to bark about anymore.

But a skiing cat is still kind of a novelty.

Eastham is no stranger to Nakiska. He was once a ski patroller at the resort, which hosted the alpine events for the 1988 Winter Olympics.

“Maybe this year Gary can get added to the team as an avalanche rescue cat!” Eastham posted on Instagram.

Avalanche rescue cats are also kind of a thing.

A few years ago, CARCA was formed — the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association.

It’s real, but it’s also a joke — and it’s so good.

Dream big Gary, dare to dream big.

But for now, maybe focus on purr-fecting your French fries over pizza.

Ski days with cats > ski days without cats

Posted by Gary The Cat on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Photos: Gary The Cat/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

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