Gary, the concerned kitten, takes Internet by storm

Gary the kitten was born eight weeks ago and it didn’t take long before his owners realized their new kitty has a look of constant consternation.

He’s now been dubbed Concerned Kitty and hopefully he will dismantle Grumpy Cat from the top of the heap of cat superstars.

Gary, who was named after Brit pop singer Gary Barlow of Take That, was born with two little black blotches on his forehead.

His owner Andy Entwistle who lives in Bolton, UK, said in an interview in the Bolton News  as Gary grew older, those blotches began to spread out and that’s how the family began calling him Concerned Kitten.

Concerned Kitten’s Facebook page now has hundreds of likes.

Gary was one of four kittens born to the Entwistles’ two-year-old cat, Luna, who is “a dalmatian cat” — white with black spots. The family kept Gary and Gary’s sister Amy, who has mobility issues.

Caroline Entwistle said the family noticed Gary’s eyebrows right away. 11391459_845718502164523_929063820310212312_n

“His eyebrows move all over the place when he’s singing so Andy decided it was the perfect name for our kitten

She said they recognized Gary’s look was unique

“When we saw his distinctive look we couldn’t get rid of him looking like that. We love Grumpy Cat so we thought we’d give him a run for his money.

Photo credit: Facebook Gary Brows 

h/t: The Bolton News, Metro News

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