Giant feral hogs captured on Texas golf course

Feral hog removal has become a full time business in some American states.

And Wyatt Walton thought he had seen everything. That was until his company Lone Star Trapping helped remove an 186 kilogram (411 pound) feral boar from the Gateway Hills Golf Course in San Antonio, Texas.

They trapped and removed the “extremely large” animal on Sept. 12, but only shared the monumental capture recently.

“They don’t get this big, much less cutters [tusks] that big often,” Wyatt posted on Facebook.

One boss hog. Wyatt Walton/Facebook

Since 2016, his company has captured more than 1,200 feral hogs just from Joint Base San Antonio alone and another 2,000 from surrounding homeowner associations such as Stillwater Ranch.

“The work isn’t done,” Walton wrote. “As San Antonio continues to flourish in population, there’s that much more native land having developments built on it, to accommodate the growth native wildlife are just being pushed and pushed then eventually you end up having instances with human interactions, as they are just trying to survive is inevitable.”

Feral hogs are considered nuisance animals in Texas. They were introduced by Spanish settlers some 300 years ago.

Photos Wyatt Walton/Facebook

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