Gigantic squid with 16-foot tentacles washes up on New Zealand beach

Some things are huge but this giant squid qualifies for massive.

The squid washed up at the beach at South Bay in New Zealand and before the birds got to it, the critter was moved to Kaikoura Marine Centre in Wakatu Quay, Kaikoura.

The squid is now safe inside a freezer with glass windows.

The mantle itself is over 2m long with a 19cm eye diameter and the longest tentacle is just a over 5m. That makes the body

The 23 feet long squid is the size of a school bus and aquarium stuff believe the squid had only died recently and was a female. In 2006, a 24 foot long squid was pulled up alive by fishermen.

The biggest squid ever found, according to the National Geographic, was 59 feet long.

With this squid found in New Zealand, most of its weight is in her head.

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