A giraffe is born! No, still not that giraffe, but a beautiful little fella in Memphis

It’s usually not the way a first-time mother wants to give birth: In front of an audience.

But a reticulated giraffe named Akili had her calf, somewhat unexpectedly, while on display at the Memphis Zoo on April 3. And, the moment was caught on video – all 11 slippery seconds of it — but only announced this week.

Meanwhile, the world has been watching online for days, weeks and months for a giraffe named April to have her calf at a zoo in New York.

Want to see what April will one day experience, click the somewhat “graphic” video at the bottom of this story. But before you scroll down, look at this cute photo of little Bogey, Akili’s male calf, named in memory of  the late Steve Bogardy, a veteran Memphis zookeeper.

Baby “Bogey” is born at the Memphis Zoo on April 3.

And, this one. Ahhhhh.

Giraffe calf getting used to life on the ground/Memphis Zoo

Despite the joyous occasion, Akili did not show “appropriate maternal behavior,” which is actually normal for first-time mothers. So, zookeepers stepped in and hand-rear Bogey.

Zookeepers are hand-raising a newborn giraffe/Memphis Zoo

And so far, so good.

“Our staff is hard at work, hand-raising our new little guy,” Matt Thompson, the zoo’s animal programs director, said in a statement. “Our team has worked tirelessly around the clock to give him the best care available, and he’s already made great strides. We hope to have him on exhibit in the coming weeks.”

Bottle-feeding newborn Bogey the giraffe/Memphis Zoo.

And now, back to that birth video.

Did you know reticulated giraffes give birth standing? And calves are about six feet tall and weigh over 100 pounds when they are born.

Behold Bogey’s first moments.

And, if you need a palate cleanser. Look how cute. Squee!

You looking at me? Memphis Zoo

Photos Memphis Zoo 

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