Girl pleads with Santa to help find her blind stolen terrier

A happy ending to what was a sad story out of Yorkshire.

A little girl out with ice cream with her father had her little terrier stolen from outside the shop.IslaDolly

More upsetting, the terrier, a cutie name Dolly, is blind.12299111_10206174738981259_6002831330595225930_n








Dolly’s owner seven-year-old Isla Kerr wrote in a letter to Santa, all she wanted was her dog back.

Isla Kerr, 7, has written to Santa Claus asking him to find her lost dog Dolly. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Kerr’s mother Vanessa Mekimmon described Dolly as a black and white female Boston terrier stolen on Dec 2 as a three-year-old wearing a black harness, snake skin type collar with a pin heart shaped name tag.

Her name is Dolly and she is blind and will be very frightened. Please help us to get her home

Earlier Tuesday, dad Darren Kerr posted the dog was returned home by a man who had found her in Bradford, about 10 miles away from where she was taken.

Here’s a picture posted of Dolly getting a bath after her ordeal.


h/t: Yorkshire Post, Darren Kerr Facebook, Vanessa Meskimmon Facebook




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