Good Samaritan stops to free baby moose caught in barbed wire fence

Chris Fisher was in the right place at the right time and just happened to be the right guy.

The wildlife biologist was travelling through central Alberta, near Rimbey, when he spotted a distressed-looking mother moose along the side of the road. That’s when he also saw a calf tangled nearby in a barbed wire fence.

Fisher pulled over, grabbed a pair of wire cutters from his car and slowly approached the trapped baby moose, while keeping one eye on the moose cow.

She stayed pretty close.

Wildlife biologist stops to free trapped moose. Chris Fisher/Twitter

He snipped a wire, and told the animal, “You should go, go, go, go.”

Then he snipped a second wire, again saying, “Okay, go, go, go” as the mother looked on.

“With the mother approaching, I stopped recording but I can assure everyone that all ended happily on this Mother’s Day!” the posted on Twitter over the weekend.

Most applauded Fisher for doing the right thing to save the baby moose.

There was no way this moose was getting loose without help. Chris Fisher/Twitter

But a few criticized him for cutting the fence.

Photo Chris Fisher/Twitter

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